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Kevin C. Age: 16

The reason why I want to go to Brazil is to meet other teens that are going through a tough time during their high school years and tell them that there is hope for them, because I used to be in that position. Thank you and please pray for me and the other members of the youth group.

Diana A. Age: 18

I want to go to Brazil because the experience I had at the WYD 2011 in Spain was marvelous. It was a very spiritual time period that helped to strengthen my relationship with God. Seeing that millions of youth, from all over the world, who traveled many great distances to see the Holy Father in person is proof that the Catholic religion is still strong in the world. And in going to Brazil, I hope to once again experience this and help to continue the faith to future youth group members for the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph.

Karen Q. Age: 18

I would like to go to Brazil because my last experience in WYD 2011 was great. The whole trip brought me closer to the Church and helped strengthen my relationship with God. Meeting Catholic youth from around the world was life changing. So it would be an honor to experience WYD once more.

Kelly C. Age: 18

It would be a great pleasure to go to Brazil for the WYD 2013. Seeing how the youth from many parts of the world was so involved with the Catholic Church in Spain was very inspiring. My relationship with God has grown ever since and being able to experience WYD over again in Brazil would be incredible.

James J. Age: 22

I want to go to the WYD in Rio because I think that it is a nice chance to share our faith with people from other cultures and of our same age group and especially with the Pope as Head of the Church. Also, it is an opportunity to learn and grow in faith with our brothers.

Leone D. Age: 16

I want to go to Brazil because after seeing the experience of others at World Youth Day 2011, I wanted to experience it myself. It was very inspiring. In going to WYD I hope to see a new spiritual side of myself

Marcus R. Age:15

I want to go to Brazil because I believe that God has blessed me with this opportunity and I would love to take it. I strongly believe it will be a life experience I would keep forever. I imagine meeting other young people from around the world having different cultures, speaking different languages but sharing the same faith.

Oscar B. Age:27

Prior to WYD 2011 in Spain, I never really put much thought to the existence of the Catholic Church throughout of the world. It was a trip one would have to take a part in to totally comprehend the impact it has on a person’s life. My experience in Spain was definitely an eye-opener and I look forward to WYD 2013 in Brazil. This voyage will only continue to strengthen my faith as a Catholic, which will in turn, allow me to influence the lives of others.

Jennifer H. Age: 17

I want to go to Brazil because the previous experience I obtain at the WYD 2011 in Spain was outstanding, I was able to learn and get closer to God, have more faith, and believe more in the Catholic religion. It was so amazing how so many young youth all gathered together for the love of God and the Pope, and they were united. Also, I loved the feeling of how such a strong faith penetrated among thousands of people. I would like to go to Brazil because I would love to feel the same experience I felt in Spain, once again but this time, gain even more, and bring back those experiences and share among other youths, and encourage them to connect and have more faith in the Catholic religion.

Christopher R. Age: 18

The reason why I want to go to Brazil is to get closer to my faith and to get to meet new teens from around the world. Going through this experience, it would help me to make mature decisions as to what I want in life. This will also be a great opportunity to go to a foreign land I have never been too, as well as to tell stories to other people on how my experience went, and maybe one day, they would want to go too. Through this opportunity, I can have a different mindset of how God is the one person you can always rely on, even though we should all know this.

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