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BROOKLYN NEWS.; Dedication of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church.
Published: March 18, 1861
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The St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, on Pacific-street, near Vanderbilt-avenue, was originally organized about twelve years ago, under the most embarrassing circumstances, by Rev. Father O'NELL. At a later period, however, under the exertions of Father O'NEIL, the Society increased so rapidly that greater church accommodations were rendered a matter of necessity. Accordingly, about one year ago, the project of erecting a new church was started, and met with such favor that in April last the work was formally commenced, and yesterday the new building, complete in every requisite quality, was dedicated. The exercises were commenced at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M., when Rev. D.W. CAHILL, D.D., delivered a dedication sermon, and Bishop LOUGHLIN performed the act of dedication, assisted by Rev. Fathers O'Neil, Celebrant; Cassidy, Deacon; Keegan, Sub-Deacon; O'Birne, Kelly, Fagan, McKenna, and McGuire. A solemn High Mass (LAMBELOTTE's) was performed, with Mr. SELLE, of the Church of Assumption, as organist, and in the Choir, Mrs. CLARK, soprano; Miss EAGAN, also; Messrs. E.B. CADLEY and JOHNSON, tenors, and Mr. FREIDENBAUGH, bass. The music was exceedingly well rendered, notwithstanding the Choir had no opportunity for rehearsal.

The new building is constructed of brick, in the form of a cross, and in the Gothic style of architecture. The extreme length of the whole structure is 150 feet, with an average main width of 50 feet, widening to nearly 00 feet in the naves. Entering at the Pacific street door, above the vestibule is the organ and choir, with other seats, capable of accommodating two or three hundred people. Directly opposite, at the other end of the church, is the altar, which is elaborately and tastefully designed and furnished. There are galleries also in the naves at the right and left, with seats for several hundred people; the whole interior is uniquely and tastefully arranged and furnished. It has about 1,800 sittings, but it is estimated that there were not less than 3,000 persons present yesterday, notwithstanding the price of admission was fifty cents each. There is a main tower rising to the height of 165 feet from the front centre, surmounted by a cross 15 feet high. At the rear of the main building is a two-story structure, used as a vestry and for other church purposes. The cost of the improvement was nearly $20,000, all of which has been paid.

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