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Rev. Jorge Ortiz-Garay

Reverend Jorge Ortiz-Garay

Father Jorge Ortiz-Garay was born in Mexico City. He is the son of Jorge Ortiz and Estela Garay. He is the second oldest child in a family of five siblings (Maria, Jorge, Marcial, Edgar and Irais). When he was a child, he studied under the direction of Benedictine monks. He finished his professional studies at The Legion of Christ in Mexico, a clerical religious Institute of pontifical right, earning his degree in Law. At age 18, he joined the communities of the Neocatechumenal Way. It was through the involvement with this group that he felt his calling for the priesthood.

A short time after finishing his studies and then after working as a lawyer; Father Ortiz contemplated his calling. He spent time reflecting, pondering, and scrutinizing his calling to which he responded to God with a “YES”. In September, 1996 he left his family, friends, and county to start this adventure in Italy. He enrolled in the seminary of Diocesano Misionero Redemptoris Mater, and from there he was sent to continue his Studies in Kearney, NJ. He completed his Studies in Theology at Seton Hall University. On May 29th, 2004 he was ordained priest at Sacred Heart cathedral, by his Excellence John Joseph Myers, Archbishop of Newark.

Father Jorge Ortiz was sent to serve as a vicar at St. Maria Church in Plainfield, NJ. In 2009 the Archbishop Myers sent him on a new mission started by Bishop DiMarzio here in the diocese of Brooklyn/Queens. That is how Father Jorge was assigned to be a vicar for the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph and at the same time, Chaplain for the Mission Ad Gents in Brooklyn.

“I am very happy that God has sent me on this new mission in Brooklyn and above all I am grateful to the Bishop for confiding in me and allowing me to serve the community of the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph alongside Msgr. Harrington. I am convinced that even during these times of challenges, Now is the best time to be a priest in line with the heart of Christ.” - Father Jorge Ortiz

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