Dating a Belarusian Woman – Be Polite, Well Dressed, and Conservative

When it comes to dating a Belarusian woman, the rules of the game are a bit different from those of Western girls. You must be polite, well dressed, and conservative. The Belarusian culture is not about flashy sexual behavior and you should remain polite and conservative. The Belarusian woman will be impressed by your modesty and good manners. Belarusian women will be pleasantly surprised to find out that you are a Western guy!

Be well dressed

If you are dating a Belarusian woman, you should always be in a decent outfit. This is because Belarus women are very traditional and do not like sloppy guys. You should also be very attentive and respectful when approaching her. Do not allow people to approach you while you are in private time with her. When you have questions, make sure you ask them politely and in a friendly manner.

Women from Belarus (like a Latina brides) are very proud of their countries, which is why they do not marry rich men. They work hard to get their best jobs and do not envy money. Men who are willing to do the same will be very attractive to such women, as they will never drain your wallet. You can take advantage of these traits and be sure to impress her! You may even find a wife in Belarus who can help you get ahead at work!

Dating a Belarusian Woman - Be Polite, Well Dressed, and Conservative

Be polite

If you want to date a Belarusian woman, you must be polite and respect her culture and traditions. In the Western culture, women drive themselves to dates, dominate the conversation, and order for themselves. However, Belarus women prefer men who are empathetic and kind. In order to win their hearts, be polite and show her that you appreciate and value her family. Be sure to show your respect and kindness to her family, too, especially when you talk about family.

Although Belarus women are shy and sweet, do not be fooled by their appearance. They might seem inexperienced or ignorant, but they are anything but. If you are confident enough to show your respect and kindness to them, you will be successful in your relationship with them. If you feel uncomfortable with the Belarusian culture, you should not date a Belarusian woman. She might not have the same values you do, but her manners are far superior to yours.

Be modest

When you want to impress a Belarusian woman, be modest and show your appreciation for her culture. Belarus girls do not expect men to be billionaires. They value attention, love and care. They are also very supportive and will brag about you to everyone you meet. Men from other countries should be careful and avoid letting them put you in awkward situations. You should also avoid using the word “I” or “my” to describe them.

Dating a Belarusian Woman - Be Polite, Well Dressed, and Conservative

If you are dating a Belarusian woman, avoid revealing outfits. These women are used to men wearing western clothing, so you should try to dress modestly when you visit her country. This will increase your chances of winning her heart. If you are shy about showing your body, dress in a way that will impress her. She will appreciate the effort you’ve put into looking modest, even if she doesn’t reciprocate it.

Be conservative

Although most Belarusian women are beautiful, some men should remember to be more conservative and respectful when dating them. This is because they are conservative and down to earth. Most Belarusian women are raised to be homemakers, and their ultimate goal in life is to marry and start a family. Since most Belarusian women were taught to be homemakers as early as childhood, they will always have this in the back of their mind.

Women in Belarus are very conservative, and they will forgive you for your bad behavior, but you should remember that you are dating someone they consider their partner. As the culture is conservative, they will appreciate your effort to respect their values and to be as honest as possible. They are also loyal and affectionate, and infidelity is not tolerated. While many men can be forgiving, women in Belarus are very serious about their relationships.

Dating a Belarusian Woman - Be Polite, Well Dressed, and Conservative

Be superstitious

Being superstitious when dating a Belarussian woman is not for the faint of heart! Although the educated foreign generation does not believe in superstitions, some Belarusian ladies still have a few. These include the belief that women should only give flowers to two men on their wedding day, not three. In addition, unmarried girls cannot sit at the corner of the table, and they should never wear their wedding dresses unless they are married.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the Belarusians play money games. They sort their bills according to value. You must study this, so you can ask her if the bill is in the right place! Likewise, if you are planning a long weekend, make sure to look at the calendar in advance to avoid any surprises! However, if you don’t follow these rules, you’ll end up with a plethora of surprises.

Be homely

A Belarusian woman appreciates a man who is homely and respects family traditions. Do not be a tyrant. Men from foreign countries should not become tyrants in Belarus. If they are, they may not like you. Moreover, a Belarusian woman may not be interested in you. Thus, you need to learn more about Belarusian traditions before dating a woman from Belarus.

Be as friendly as possible and act like a man who wants to please his lady. Belarus is known for its pristine forests and numerous bodies of water. You can ask your Belarusian lady to take you to the nearest lake so that you can spend quality time together. Be homely and play the gentleman’s card. Belarusian women love spending time outdoors, so be sure to visit the places that they enjoy. Several places to visit are the Zaslawskaye Reservoir and the Dryvyaty Lake. Zaslawskaye Reservoir is an ideal place for walking. The Dryvyaty lake is an excellent swimming hole. Other places to visit are the parks and beaches of Narac and Bol’shie Kosichi.