Build the Mood With Wood Floor Living Room

St. Joseph Brooklyn – The floor is one crucial element that cannot be forgotten in building a house. Each room that has a different meaning and function must have a contour of the floor in accordance with the mood that residents want to develop. Wood floor living room is one of the flooring concepts currently trending.

Nowadays, many people leave the floor with ceramic or stone like granite. Wood stuff has become one of the most sought-after materials. Lately, various reasons were created to create a wood floor living room.

The Reason For Using Wood Floor Living Room

One of the reasons for choosing wood as a floor base is color. The wood material used is indeed diverse. Still, in general, the color division of the wooden floor is divided into two concepts, namely living room ideas with dark hardwood floors and light wood floor decorating ideas.

1. Price

Significantly, the amount of ceramics or materials such as marble or granite is indeed high and seems luxurious. At present many houses are built on land that is not so large, with minimalist and essential concepts or industrial wood, which is considered to be able to complete the various minimalist ideas that are currently developing.

2. Form

Returning to a minimalist concept that is presently being applied by many people. The shape and contour of the long wood in the same direction will produce a broader spatial effect. Therefore many people use an extended layer of wood to make the base of their house seem longer.

3. Function

Wood has a service that is very flexible and compatible for use in any part of the architecture because of its ability to adapt to temperature and weather. Wood can warm temperatures when it is cold and cooling temperatures when the heat is stinging, therefore many people who build naturalist style homes choose wood as the primary material.

Apart from these three reasons, there are still several reasons that strengthen the use of wood on the living room floor. One of them, in terms of aesthetics, wood is considered more natural and soothing to build a comfortable mood and look for some people.

Besides, some people who use wood floor living room believe that using wood will reduce some undesirable events, for examples, natural disasters such as landslides or earthquakes. By using flexible wood elements, it will at least add to the occupant’s safety percentage rather than using marble or ceramic floors that have a substantial volume.

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